Wine Tastings For Singles

Dating, for those of us who are tired of being single, can be a royal pain. From speed dating to online dating, from the taverns to the grocery stores, we have several outlets where we can meet potential matches. But, unfortunately, these matches often extinguish before they can light even the slightest spark, leaving those of us frustrated to long for the days of arranged marriages: someone just marry me and give my parents a llama.

My own personal experiences have led me to meet dates a variety of ways. I’ve been set up by friends, I’ve been set up by computers, I’ve gone to functions for singles, and, of course, I’ve met many a’people at the bars. But, it wasn’t until recently that I found a dating medium I truly enjoyed: wine tasting for singles.

Wine tasting for singles had a lot of similarities to a regular wine tasting event. A sommelier presented three red wines and three white wines, conveying the regions where the wines were from and their general flavors. Each wine was tasted one at a time, appetizers were served, and people dared each other to take a sip out of the spit bucket. The main difference between a wine tasting for singles and a regular wine tasting is simple: no wedding rings allowed.

Why a Wine Tasting?

Now, for those of you who are in the dating scene, the lack of wedding rings at wine tastings for singles might not be enough persuasion: you may be posing the question of what makes a wine tasting superior to meeting people through other means. Well, I’m glad you asked. To begin, at a wine tasting for singles, as opposed to going to the bars or hoping to meet someone in the Laundromat, you automatically have the advantage of knowing three things: everyone there is single, everyone there is looking, and, most importantly, everyone there enjoys wine. Having these three things in common arms you with the ability to approach that cute stranger, bat your eyes, point to his Pinot Noir and ask, “Are you going to finish that?”

Is it Better than Online Dating?

A wine tasting for singles is much more realistic than meeting people online, otherwise known as spouse shopping. This is because online people can easily pretend to be anyone: the old can pretend to be young, the short can pretend to be tall, the men can pretend to be women and vice versa. Along these lines, because the majority of communication is nonverbal, meeting someone in person at a wine tasting allows you to gauge certain things that you wouldn’t be able to see over email. From the tone of a person’s voice, to the way they carry themselves, to the way they sip their wine, body language is a major element in discovering what a person is truly like.

Is it Better than Blind Dating?

Mingling at a wine tasting for singles, where the room is filled with a variety of women and a variety of men, allows for less pressure than the one on one situation of blind dating. In one on one situations, people often get nervous, sweating, stuttering, accidentally revealing that they live in their mom’s basement with six cats. In a wine tasting, however, people are free to mingle in groups, removing the one on one pressure and allowing a wingman or wingwoman to be standing by, ready to swoop in at the first mention of something like the latest Star Trek convention.

Is it Better than Speed Dating?

Many people in the dating scene have probably been on several dates that they wished were speed dates, having had their fill within the first five minutes. However, this isn’t always the best concept: people aren’t always themselves in the first five minutes, some people need a second chance to make a first impression. In speed dating, people are only allowed to talk to each other for a set amount of time, usually only a few minutes. It’s hard to tell anything important about someone in a few minutes, it takes at least twenty minutes before you can feel secure inquiring about your date’s annual salary. At a wine tasting event, conversely, you are free to talk with someone for as long as you choose, whether it’s three hours or just a few minutes that felt like three hours.

Will you Meet your True Love?

Like all avenues of dating, a wine tasting for singles can not guarantee success: you may meet someone you really like or you may find no commonalities with anyone in attendance. But, because wine tastings allow for lengthy, in-person interaction, they automatically give you better dating opportunities than other avenues of dating. And, even if you don’t meet the love of your life, a wine tasting can almost assure that you will find a bottle of Merlot with which you can live happily ever after.

What Is Important In Love And Relationships?

All of us love to be loved. Love and relationship can last longer if both the persons involved, work on them. There are different ways of expressing love and emotions. A warm hug can make a lot of difference if offered at the right time. Many people fail in their relationship because they don’t work on their relationship after they get engaged.

Know the needs

When you are involved in love and relationship, you should know the needs. You should understand what you need from your partner and what the partner needs from you. It is foolish to fall in love and get into a relationship when you don’t know the needs. The couple involved in the relationship should talk about their expectations and then start the relationship.

Care and affection

For any relationship to succeed, care and affection is the major requirement. Only when you express your affection to your love, the other person will be happy. In any relationship, both the persons must play dual role of giver and receiver. ‘Show your love and be loved’ strategy can strengthen even weakest of relationships.

Know your limits

Many love and relationships break because the couples do not know their limits. Just because you love a person, you should not be over possessive. The persons involved in the relationship are human beings and they need their breathing space. People who try to dominate the other person cannot last long in any relationship.


Communication between the partners is essential in love and relationship. In the initial stages of relationships, both the persons will work on their relationship and communicate a lot. But as days pass by and when they know that they are into the relationship, the interest for communication is reduced. This is where the relationship beings to get a crack in it.


Both the persons involved in love and relationship expects the other to be honest. Take some time and share your feelings with your partner everyday. You may be right or wrong, but sharing your feelings with your partner builds trust. When honesty prevails in a relationship, its very difficult for anyone to break that relationship.

Discussions and arguments

Many times the discussions turn into arguments and this leads to the failure of love and relationship. A relationship between two conflicting individuals will not last long if both of them adjust with each other. Both the persons involved in the relationship should be adjustable and work to stop the discussion before it becomes an argument. When you are able to achieve this, then you can be sure that your love and relationship will last long.

Online Dating, Good Or Bad

Online Dating

Today, for good or bad, online dating is one of the most popular ways to meet people. The popularity of Internet dating sites has added to this new way of getting to know someone. Nowadays, you can find dating websites for almost any interest. Whether you’re just looking for a casual relationship or have some specific spiritual, lifestyle, or other needs, there is someone out there for you who is just a few mouse clicks away. And for those with few social skills it is an ideal way to get to know people. So, with all the great dating sites online today, it has become easier than ever to find someone

Of course, care must be taken when using the internet for this. The biggest difference between online dating and dating someone you meet in person is that you do not have the same ability to interact with them in person. You don’t have the same chance to look in their eyes and see if they are who they say they are. This is why caution should be used online. Common sense is absolutely essential when considering dating anyone, but more importantly someone you have met online.

Meet In Public

Common sense, like meeting in a public place for the first time, should be followed. No matter how trustworthy someone seems from a distance, you should still be careful the very first time you meet them. There is always time to get to know one another over time. Your first date should be something casual, such as a meeting in a coffee shop or restaurant. That way, you can get a feel for each other in public. Make sure you listen to your inner voice if any alarms are set off.

Pitfalls To Online Relationships

About the most important things to realize is that it is easy to get the wrong impression from someone over the Internet. After all, with distance between you, each person has the ability to try to give the other person the best impression, and to form an unrealistic opinion of the other as well. The good news is that the Internet allows you to chat with so many local singles that you are bound to meet someone who is a good match!

Dating Chat Rooms

For many, even with many different online dating services available, live dating chat is their preferred method. Dating profiles are a great way to narrow down potential prospects, and dating websites have thousands and thousands of customers in any given area , even when you include your specific interests. When you look at different profiles you get a better chance to see whether you are really a good match. Utilizing dating chats are when things really get interesting.

A lot of these chat rooms are public. A larger group chatting at once has the advantage that you can easily pick up and drop out of conversations. A lot of the time interesting conversation ensue and you can make multiple connections at the same time.

Sometimes, it is simply better to have a two way conversation if you want to get to know more about someone. It is a surprisingly comfortable and casual way to feel each other out. Then, when it feels right, you can email, talk on the phone, or even meet in person.

Internet Dating Services

Today we live in a world that is constantly in change and this includes online dating. This is where dating is at in the new millennium. There is a whole world full of singles who are looking for someone. These certainly give today’s single more options than anytime in history.

There are really no restrictions because of the internet, when you actually sit down and weigh the differences between traditional courting routines and what’s available now, it’s almost mind-blowing. Naturally this is a wonderful plus for singles, and definitely makes it easier to pinpoint whom you’re seeking out.

Dating Internet services seriously increase your chances of meeting someone special. When you log into the Internet and hop on a dating Internet service, you dramatically increase your potential contacts. You can actually be searching on a global level, as opposed to the few singles in your exact area. Dating has never been so exciting and convenient.

Online Dating

If you feel comfortable with the Internet and online dating, the world is literally your own little oyster. Go out and find the pearl you are seeking.

Why Men Stop Calling

Most women have been in this situation at least once in their lives. They are dating a great guy, the chemistry between the two of them is off the charts and they feel that this may actually be the one. Then suddenly everything changes and it’s as if he dropped off the edge of the earth. The phone stops ringing, there are no more emails and he has vanished into thin air. Trying to understand this is beyond puzzling to women. If you want to know why men stop calling you have to start thinking like a man.

If you truly felt that you two had something special, he likely was feeling the exact same thing with you. One of the surprising reasons why men stop calling is that they become too emotionally attached to you and it scares them. Many men have suffered through a difficult and painful break up in the past and they build a protective barrier around their emotions. If they feel that you are getting too close they’ll completely shut down. Typically men like this don’t know how to deal with everything they are feeling so the easiest solution is to bolt. This is why you may have felt the two of you were falling in love one day and he has disappeared out of your life, without explanation, the next.

Another of the reasons why men stop calling is because they think you don’t have a strong interest in them because you are never the one to initiate contact. Women have been told so many times that they should never call a man, or that they shouldn’t answer all his calls. This advice has some merit but if you don’t call him at least some of the time, you may risk losing him altogether. It can be hard to know exactly when you should be the one making the first move but if you haven’t heard from him in a couple of days an innocent call to see how he has been may just reignite his interest in you.

Some men stop calling simply because they’ve decided to move on and don’t have the decency to let you know. In most cases if this is the reason why men stop calling the woman will have had a clue that he wasn’t invested in the relationship. He may have still been dating others or he wasn’t very reliable. You can usually tell a man like this because he doesn’t have relationship potential. If this is the reason why he isn’t calling anymore it’s best to move on and find a man who respects you.

Does Marriage Counseling Work After Cheating? My Opinion Based On Experience

The other day, I had a wife email me and tell me that she wasn’t sure that her marriage was “going to make it” after her husband’s affair. The husband was very remorseful and swore to do anything that he could to “make it up to” the wife and save the marriage. This offer included marriage counseling. The wife was torn about this. She had to admit that she still loved her husband and she didn’t want to break up her family, but she was so angry and hurt that she couldn’t fathom ever feeling any differently. She asked me if marriage counseling could, in my opinion, turn things around or if it would just be a waste of time and money. I’ll share my experiences with counseling after my husband’s affair and tell you whether I think it helped in the following article.

My Experience With Marital Counseling After My Husband’s Affair: I know that it’s probably not politically correct to say this, but I honestly think that our marriage counselor made the situation worse. However, I think that this was partially due to the fact that we went with the counselor that was all wrong for me. Our counselor was female and while I thought this would be a good thing as I was hoping she could help me make husband to see how deeply he had hurt me. I thought that since she was a woman, she would share my perspective, but this was not the case.

It felt to me that at every turn, this woman gave my husband the benefit of the doubt even though he was the guilty party. Granted, there were issues in our marriage that needed addressing. But, she constantly dwelled on them so that I always left her office feeling much worse. We would argue at her office and then we would argue in the car on the way home.

We went on this way for a long time but as the sessions got progressively worse, I ended up refusing to go any longer. It was only then that we searched for a new counselor. We finally settled on a man and this worked out much better for me – much to my surprise. It’s so important that you find the counselor that you are both comfortable with. If one or both of you are sitting there with your fists clenched and your toes curled, then you are just wasting your money.

The counselor should not “side” with anyone. They should be impartial and focused on healing you both. They should help facilitate the communication and the negotiations and I personally feel that they should always try to end the session on a somewhat positive note. You don’t want for them to allow one spouse to drop a bombshell and then to say “whoops we are out of time” as the old counselor did.

Why Do I Need A Marriage Counselor Anyway? Can’t I Work On My Marriage After The Affair Myself?: Theoretically, you could. But few people have the objectivity to take a step back and see the situation as it really is. This is because you are simply too close to it. You aren’t able to see all of the issues and the nuances at hand. With that said, some people are really quite uncomfortable “airing their dirty laundry” in front of a third party, so to speak. And often when there is this kind of resistance, they will just shut down and not participate anyway.

Here is what a good counselor can really do for you. (And, this is what you will need to be able to do on your own if you chose not to use one.) He or she can help the both of you to understand what may have been some contributing factors to the affair. He or she should then not only help you to identity them but to work through them. They also should help arm the both of you with better ways of interacting, communicating, and restoring the trust and intimacy. Because they are an outsider, they can often see some vulnerabilities and tendencies which may have never occurred to you, but may be holding you back quite a bit. In short, they are there to point out what you are missing and to smooth the way toward fixing it.

I know that sometimes people are just going to be resistant to marital counseling no matter how much sense it makes. Should you chose not to use one, then you will need to be very conscious of working through all the major issues on your own. Choosing not to see a counselor doesn’t mean that these issues still aren’t there. And, if you do not work through them, they will just lie in wait and never allow you the peace and trust that you deserve. So, you should take baby steps toward restoring the trust and toward identifying and then fixing the vulnerabilities in your marriage. You should also work toward creating something new, better and different, which leads me to my next point.

The Most Important Thing That You (Or A Counselor) Can Do For Your Marriage: I believe that the most important thing that you need to do to heal a marriage after an affair is to see this time as an opportunity to create what you have always wanted and deserved. So there were some things that weren’t working in your marriage? Well, now is the time to change them. Accept nothing less than you deserve.

The most effective way to move past or to get over an affair and save your marriage is to create a new, better, and closer marriage than what there was before. This is the only way to ensure that you aren’t constantly looking back or reliving the past. When you have a marriage which is better than it has ever been, then you don’t really want to live in the past because you are too busy enjoying your new present.

You don’t always need a counselor to do this, but it’s an important step that you absolutely should not skip. If you just remain miserable and doubtful in your marriage, then what is the point in doing all of the work to save it? Honestly, although our second counselor did help us greatly, I think most of the transformation was made by us – through a lot of hard work, commitment, honesty, patience, and a willingness to place our marriage above all else while we were healing it.

Matchmaking Dating

Matchmaking dating works differently depending on the matchmaking service. Their goal is to find a match for their client. How they do that depends. Matchmaking dating might seem like a copout, but it’s not. It’s a wise choice to have someone else find you someone to go out with. Sometimes, you’re too close to yourself to know what you really need.

Matchmakers Get To Know You

Professionals in matchmaking services sit down and talk to their clients. He sits down and interacts with the clients to get a feel for the type of person they are and what they do and do not like. When you meet someone for the first time, you immediately make assumptions about the type of person they are. Maybe they look like they didn’t take a shower for a week, or they’re wearing designer clothes or they’re wearing nice jeans and a shirt, neither of which are name brand. You make assumptions about that person. So do matchmakers. It helps in matchmaking dating experiences when they pair you.

Matchmakers talk to you about your likes and dislikes, your goals, and what you’ve done. This can include education, accomplishments and relationship history. They ask about your work schedule and what you do. Some ask about finances, because oftentimes pairing a rich person with a poor person doesn’t work well. They do this for all their customers. They also run a background check on you, so any misdemeanors, arrests or criminal history will show up. They won’t take clients who have a history.

How Matchmaking Dating Starts

The matchmaking service will meet with potential matches, and after they find one, they’ll review their notes or meet with each of you again to think if it will work. Here, the matchmaker determines whether or not you’re a compatible match. Matchmaking dating requires that they find out if you are a good match. They base this on interests, similar goals, similar person habits, a similar lifestyle and similar religious beliefs.

Compatibility is especially important. Matchmaking services and online dating services alike have specific key points that help them determine whether or not your compatible, like energy levels and relationship expectations. Matchmaking dating relies on compatibility, because if you’re not compatible, it’s not going to work.

The First Date

After matchmaking dating services find a compatible match for a couple, they introduce the couple. Some do this by sending them on a date. Some matchmaking services introduce them and the professionals stay there while they while they get to know one another. The setting is usually something neutral that both couples enjoy, where they can relax and have some fun.

After the first date, the professional from the matchmaking service sits down with both individually to get a feel for how they felt about the meeting. In that way, matchmaking dating is like all dating. It’s simply an evaluation of how the date went. Are they interested in pursuing the relationship? Do they want to try again with the same person? Do they want to meet someone new?

Some matchmakers say the relationship won’t work unless the woman is happy. They believe the woman is the part of the relationship that makes it work. Matchmaking dating means that women and men alike are satisfied in the relationship.

Dating is hard, but matchmaking dating makes it a little bit easier. When you’re using a matchmaking service, you’re able to relax and let someone do the hard work for you. From there, all you have to do is find someone that you’re interested in dating.

The Best Chat Rooms For Singles

Chat rooms for singles are usually very dynamic. They are built to ensure that you meet potential mates in the most comfortable way. Since there are very many chat rooms for singles, it is vital for you to consider only the best. This is because chats are a good vehicle to connect you with the right mates. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to look for the best rooms for chatting as a single. The following are some of the vital guides that will ensure you are ahead in this regard. First, you have to engage in a process of searching. You need to know some of the top chats for singles in your area. If you are not interested in a local chat, you can search for international chats. You need to find those chats that are frequented by most singles. Popular chats will inform you that there is something in a particular service that people cannot get enough of. Security will top some of the things to consider. Online, you need to feel like you are not exposed to dangers and services play a pivotal role in ensuring that everyone feels secure.

The best chat rooms for singles will come with good rules to protect all chatters. Rules are very crucial and, they will ensure that you chat in a comfortable manner. Some of the most common rules for chats are the fact that you should never use racially abusive words, not parting with personal information so easily, not being too quick to arrange for dates and so on. It is essential that you go through all the rules and judge which chats are best. In the best chat rooms, you will find that, the service is absolutely free. Why pay for chats while you can have quality chats for free. It really does not matter where you come from; you have a good opportunity to make love connections. Terms and conditions are also important when it comes to judging the best chat rooms for singles. For this reasons, you need to find out whether you are okay with some conditions and terms that may be set for a particular service.

Services that offer chat rooms for singles need to offer more. For example, there are services that will have advice on dating and so on. Therefore, it is paramount for you to ensure that you join a chat that will not just offer you one thing. This way, the service can be your one stop shop for all your needs. Many online dating services will offer a variety. Sites like Tomydate will give you a good chance to have chatting facilities that are undisputed as well as give you great advice on how to go about chatting online. You need to be prepared before you undertake chatting and, the best services will offer the best chat rooms. Finally, the decision will be yours and, you can decide what is best for you. This is because what may be best for you may not be the best for another person.

The Biggest Dating Secret For Men

If you are a single Western male, here is a life-changing truth that conventional sources will NEVER tell you about. The following is common knowledge among many expat males but unknown to the US mainstream population. Some expats prefer that these truths remain secret for selfish reasons, but I believe that a good thing should be shared and discussed openly, so that ignored problems are understood and dealt with, not denied.

The BIGGEST SECRET that’s being kept from you is that if you are an average decent Western male, you are GOLD and a BIG CATCH to millions of thin beautiful feminine women all over the world who will treat YOU right – for REAL! No joke.

This is a HUGE life changing secret that can transform the lives of countless lonely frustrated single males in America, yet is never told to them by mainstream sources because it is taboo in our culture and society to mention such things. That is a big INJUSTICE and we are here to help correct that. When American males discover this themselves overseas, they typically go into disbelief and awe, exclaiming “My God, where have I been all this time?! Why didn’t I go abroad sooner?! This is how women were meant to be when God created them! Why didn’t someone tell me sooner?!”

Now, we all know the rule of thumb that “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” But this IS one of the exceptions (which we have abundant proof of) making it one of the Biggest Secrets. Many guys have trouble believing this until they experience it themselves. But that’s what we are here for, to show you a mountain of authentic proof which will inspire you and change your life!

You see, in many overseas countries, the gender and dating imbalances are reversed in YOUR favor! As you know, in the US it seems that every decent woman is taken, super picky, or not even looking, leaving most single males out of luck. It’s gotten so bad that it’s not even worth your time to try anymore. But in many other countries and parts of the world (Russia, Ukraine, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, etc.) the supply and demand are REVERSED due to various economic, cultural and demographic factors. There aren’t enough good men, and an excess of women, so the women are the ones who have to impress the men with their sweetness and femininity, giving the males the upper hand with so many choices that some of them don’t want to commit. Some countries also have certain cultural factors in your favor as well, such as being more open and inclusive, or more pro-male and less feminist, or more appreciative of nice men, etc. Whereas the USA is a dating paradise for any decent looking woman, in many other cultures you will find a dating paradise for YOU, giving you so many more choices that it can spoil you rotten! This is a HUGE life changing secret that has transformed the lives of many frustrated and lonely guys at a dead end in America. It’s a simple fact, kept silent due to its taboo and politically incorrect nature in the anti-male culture of the USA. But you don’t have to worry about us spoiling the “frontier” for you though. With the USA comprising only 5 percent of the world’s population, and the fact that most men who write foreign women never actually get off their butt to go overseas, you do not need to worry about saturation.

The truth is there are so many quality available women all over the world who are thin, feminine, sweet, approachable, unspoiled and will treat you right, that you will have trouble deciding which one to choose!So why would you want to remain on a sinking ship, when you could skyrocket your love life and dating from zero to infinity by simply dating globally rather than locally?!

Now, this might sound too good to be true and you might be wondering what the catch is, but I swear to you that it is. Me and many others have lived and experienced it firsthand. If you come to my site and see the testimonials, interviews, photos and videos, we’ll prove it to you beyond a shadow of a doubt. The good news is that if you want, you can easily find a traditional wife, or party like a Rock Star in areas of the world like Latin America or Southeast Asia, for really cheap! Why should only the rich and famous be allowed to? You can too! All you have to do is to first make the mental choice to do so. We can guide you from there on.

Learn more about International Dating.

By Winston Wu (Founder of

The Dating Game

With all the websites on the Internet that offer a membership to meet and talk to people that match the criteria that you are looking for, you are bound to find someone worth dating. The question becomes how can you tell if someone is being honest.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be attractive and representing you that way. The way someone presents he or she says a lot about him or her. If you’re browsing through the online personals and see someone that catches your attention, the next step would to be to contact them, and ask for a picture if there is not already one. We all know that the first attraction usually comes from physical attraction. If the picture is not that appealing we have a tendency to continue looking.

Dating is the first step in finding a lifelong mate, so don’t be in a hurry, go ahead and take your time. Make a list of qualities that you want in a future mate. Once you’ve made your list of qualities, memorize or carry them with you. These things will determine the type of person you end up dating. Keep in mind that your list should not be more than one page, as no one is perfect and you don’t want your expectations to be too high. Everyone has negative aspects about him or her and it is up to you to determine if the positive out weigh the negative.

People carry over past relationships to current ones, and this can be a hurtful thing. Therefore, many people are opting not to date. Dating may seem like a game, but we should not be selfish because of our broken hearts and scarred emotions. Dating has the capacity for good and evil, just like anything else.

Dating can be both very positive or a negative experience. Part of what makes us is the relationships we have and the lessons learned from those relationships. We should be more considerate of the lessons learned and carry them in our lifelong commitments. The truth is that we are likely to foul up any dating mould we choose because we are not perfect.

The most important factor we should be looking at is whether or not we can act upon what is right and say no to what is wrong. You should encourage yourself to date; as you will never meet that person you could spend the rest of your life with if you do not.

Relationships do not always end in marriage, and because of this it doesn’t mean we are now less capable of giving someone else just as much honour, love, patience, kindness, trust. If you choose to be sincere, devoted, protecting, trusting, hopeful, persevering, and never failing, I believe your dating years will be incredible years.

Refusing to date tells us that we believe ourselves incapable of having a relationship in that manner that was intended for us. Dating can be a positive experience in your life and help us navigate the waters of maturity and even marriage.

· Dating can be a source of enjoyment and recreation.

· Personal individuality is developed through relationships with other people.

· Men and women need to find out the kinds of roles they find fulfilling in a close relationship.

· Dating involves learning about closeness and serves as an opportunity to institute a unique, meaningful relationship with a person of the opposite sex.

· Dating helps you find the right mate.

· Dating can provide companionship through interaction and shared activities.

· Dating can help prepare you for marriage.

Dating does not have to be frightening, creepy, forced or anything else but enjoyable. What you have to do is make an effort to make the dating years enjoyable. Group dating is a good way to make sure that you abide by the standards that you have set for yourself. Plan outings with friends, church groups, or whatever, just to have more fun.

If you never date anyone, how will you determine what you want? Dating is your chance to have a fairly deep relationship with someone before you hand over your life to a lifelong marriage.

How To Find The Best Dating Site For You

Which dating site? With thousands of dating sites all over the web and more popping up everyday, finding the best dating site for you can be overwhelming. This article will give you some tips on how to test the sites and find the good ones.

Side bar: This article is not about touting certain websites. It is about helping make your search easier by letting you know what to look for, and narrowing the field down to one or two good sites.

There are two common ways to select a dating site. One is to follow the advice of a friend or family member. Not a bad way, but also error-prone. Remember we are talking about the best dating site for you.

The second, and recommended, option is to do some good old fact-finding through research. Don’t panic, this article is about making it easier on you.

What Is the Best Dating Site?

The best dating site is not the biggest, nor the most features-laden. The best dating site is the one that best fits who you are or matches your personality/need(s).

Types of Dating Sites

There are, basically, three types of dating sites:

1. Popular or General

2. Specialty or Niche

3. Community or Special Interest

Now let’s now briefly describe each for a better understanding:

1. Popular or general dating sites: These Cater to the general public and all ages, ethnic groups, religions, sexual orientations etc. Usually they will have huge databases, often running to the tens of millions of members.

2. Specialty or niche dating sites: These cater to specific interests such as religion, ethnicity, age groups etc. Their members have something in common.

3. Community or special interest dating sites: These are similar to specialty or niche sites (#2 above), but cater to even narrower interests. Examples; Catholic (not “Christian”), swingers (not “adult”), Filipino (not “Asian”)… you get the picture.

So, which way to go? The first step towards success in finding the best dating site is to be clear on what you are looking for. You do know yourself, don’t you?

If you have some online dating experience, consider specialty or community sites. But if just starting out, your best bet is to go with popular/general dating sites. Why?

Because popular dating sites serve most interests and you’ll get faster results. This will give you some experience as well as a feel of the features. Subsequently, this helps build your confidence while also learning online dating “lingo” and sub-culture.

What to Look For In a Dating Site

The top ten things to consider when selecting a dating site are:

1. The number of profiles: Online dating is a numbers game. The larger the database the better your chance of meeting the right person.

2. Features: These include search and safety.

3. You should be able to search by age and gender as well as height, hair color, vocation etc. if this is important to you.

4. Privacy: Most high-popularity dating sites provide you with an email address specifically for online dating.

5. Availability of chat rooms and private chat rooms so you may talk with your prospect(s) once a contact has been initiated. Web video would be an additional benefit.

6. Some top-rated dating sites will alert you when someone has responded to your email or expressed interest in contacting you. Not the most important feature but nice to have all the same.

7. Relationship intentions: The site should cater to the kind of relationship you seek.

8. Location: The site should have a sufficient number of members in your geographical area, especially if you are not for long distance relationships.

9. Detailed profiles: If a site allows members to skimp on details about themselves, chances are they are doing it. This makes it a mere photo contest.

10. Cost: Don’t just go for the cheapest or free sites (there’s a price to pay for that), but if they are way above average they should give a very good for this.

Signing Up for a Free Trial

Having narrowed your search to one or two dating sites using the above guidelines, it is not time to commit yet. It is time to sign up for a trial run, which most highly popular dating sites offer. Make sure it is a real trial run and not just a tour. What’s the difference?

A tour is just that, a tour. You get to browse pictures of seemingly (may I add unrealistic) happy couples who have “found” happiness using that particular dating site. Don’t buy into this. It is crap and a complete waste of time.

A trial run lets you enjoy most of the site’s features without paying, for a period of time. But note that the trial is geared towards getting you to become a paid member; therefore you’ll get a teaser here and there. Just stick to the trial till it’s over.

Take full advantage of the trial run. This means initiating as many contacts as you possibly can. And post your photo immediately on sign-up. The point is to find out if the dating site is a good fit for your personality.

When the trial period ends, be ready to sign up for full membership or opt out. If you opt out, take heart that at least you didn’t waste your money or time. And you now have some experience. Find another site and do another test. The best dating site for you is out there waiting to be discovered.